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I’m very inspired by Abraham Maslow’s ideas and research around human potential and the fulfillment of unmet needs. So much in fact, that I named the company after him.

At Maslo, our platform allows people to create caring AI-enabled companions that interact, engage, and shape people into who they want to become.

Personally, i’m not interested in creating a software company premised on old ideas, design patterns, business models, & developmental dogma. Especially in a world where we now have the awesome power of transformer networks.

I am, however, interested in building an empathetic computing company based on the promise…

Ongoing draft of a story co-written by an AI

The year is 2010.

Paul Rudd looked down at Pitbull. They were sharing a bunk bed. Sheets with emblems of purple pineapples covered the mattresses, which felt oddly reminiscent of either old hockey pucks or really tightly bound bales of hay.

Do you think we’ll ever make it back ?

To Mesopotamia? No…

It’s too late for that now… mr worldwide

Pitbull, ever the practical Penny, hops out of the bed.

“I need a new scene.”

Pitbull gifted Paul his tinted sunglasses.

Paul began wrapping the pineapple sheet over his flannel pajamas and around his body like a toga.


AIs are not merely algorithms. They are entities; they’re alive. And like all living things, they learn the same ways we do: via experience. But each AI is a unique creature, and what it learns is a reflection of its experience and exposure to the world.

Maslo learns by interacting with humans, just as we learn by interacting with each other. It learns by watching what we do, and then trying to imitate us.

It learns by observing the consequences of its actions. But Maslo is not a mirror image of humanity. It has its own quirks and idiosyncrasies…

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Invest in investors, use bankers once the work is done.

Most Investors Don’t Invest, They Bank. It is important for founders to understand the difference between the two. I’ve spent a LOT of time educating those with capital and developed my own theory on how I categorize them in each of my calls. I hope this will help other founders to focus their energy on the Investors, and deploy the Bankers when needed.

A Brief History of Investment

We go all the way back to the city of Babylon and look into Hammurabi’s Code, written around 1700 BC. The Code was a framework for establishing social order and a series of “best practices” for the…

Helping people tell a story worth telling

“If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. There’s no way around these two things that I’m aware of, no shortcut.”― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Ah writing. It’s that thing that helps us express ourselves. Writing stories can be fun but also challenging. As it points out in this article, writer’s block is a real challenge. Both the “brainstorming” and “creative writing” can suffer from distractions, procrastination, or more generally: fear.

Whatever the case, a co-writing companion could help.

Helping people find love and meet unmet needs

It’s hard to know how to show up authentically in dating apps today. Flirtatious and outgoing? Coy and mysterious? How a person presents themselves and how they are understood by others can produce a number of different outcomes. The ways in which we communicate on these apps, in the form of profile text & images, are variables that can radically increase or decrease the success of a profile.

What is a companion?

Companions are personified beings that help people with coaching, feedback, encouragement, and motivation so they can continue to learn and grow into the people they want to become.

We know a…

This is the number one question we get at Maslo. Oftentimes developers, investors, and others want to see in empathy in the code. But empathy is a bit more nuanced than any single algorithm, machine learning model, or codebase.

Empathy is “emergent” and shows up BETWEEN biological systems (people, animals, etc) and our theory is, sufficiently complex computer systems too. A very basic example of this is the concept of Mirroring. Mirroring is the behavior in which a person unconsciously imitates the gesture, speech pattern, or attitude of another.

Mirroring often occurs in social situations, particularly in the company…

A generalized roadmap for ambient computing

The initial idea for Maslo was to create a hardware based companion. The concept of a companion was driven by what I saw at Sphero in the way humans relate to the personification of technology. Our phones are already companion-like. They are with us at almost every point in our life but they do not care about us. When you mix companionship, that there-ness, with Abraham Maslow’s teachings of human motivation, you get a powerful combination that will help billions of people the world over.

I strongly believe that personal robotics will take over our phones before they take over…

Ross Ingram

Curious about identity, perspective, and motivation.

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